7 Things You Must Know Before Owning Mice

Pet mouse

Pets are the most lovable creatures of the family. Many people try to domesticate various types of animals depending on their preferences, and out of this, pets such as dogs, cats, turtles, and fish are the most common ones. Nowadays, mice are also gaining fame, along with other categories of rodents. There are a few things that should be kept in mind in order to take care or to adopt a rodent. Several things should be kept in mind before owning mice.

Herd animals

Mice are herd animals who cannot live alone. It is usually recommended to bring mice in pairs or buy a family of mice so that they do not feel alone. The family of rodents is evolved to survive in herds, when you separate a mouse from its herd, it is bound to feel low and lonely and might not live long enough. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a family or a pair. These are considered as social creatures who cannot live alone. If you have male mice, then it is advisable to have female mice for its company and to get them engaged.

They have a short lifespan

Rodents in general and mice, in particular, are not creatures that are blessed with the gift of living long lives. They live long enough to reproduce and carry on their genes and die quickly before completing the life cycle due to various extermination policies. However, the unchecked growth of a mouse can lead to severe complications for humans.

They love to play

The mice that you plan to domesticate are very active creatures full of energy. They like to play and roam and require an environment where they can freely move and do various activities. They are highly active creatures who want to play, and thus, it is advisable to put cardboard boxes in their house to make a place for them to play. The best part of petting a mouse is that it does not require a large amount of money to buy the accessories for them, and they can easily play and acclimatize with other mice.

Cages are important

Different people have different opinions for the mice they love. However, it is essential to have a large cage that can give them the space to move and run their homes. Mice cages should not only be large enough to provide them with ample space but also built in such a way that they can be cleaned very easily. Rodents create a large amount of trash, which has to be cleaned daily, for it is crucial for their well-being.

They are clean animals

Most people who think mice are dirty animals and believe they are bearer of parasites and plague, are unaware of the fact that mice are generally animals who like to keep themselves clean. Nevertheless, it is recommended not to bathe your mouse daily as it could lead to skin problems. These animals can also be toilet trained and will accordingly only dirty a particular spot of the cage, which can be regularly cleaned by the owner instead of cleaning the entire cage.

Diet is important

The diet of the mice that we try to domesticate is not as simple as it appears. It requires a whole lot of various components, such as proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, and other minerals that are needed by them. Thus, it is best for all mice owners or those planning to own mice that they should feed them regularly and with proper supplements. These supplements are readily available in the market and contain all the nutrients necessary for mice.

Delicate creatures

Mice are sensitive creatures. It is therefore recommended to give them extra care in times to extreme weather such as continental type of climate. Mice should also be checked regularly for infections, and if you feel that your mouse is behaving in a peculiar way, you should then meet a vet.

In the past, Guniea pigas and hamsters attracted the most attention of pet owners. However, mice are making the way into the hearts of  households. The family of rodents includes small mammals who have two teeth in front for cutting, and is gaining popularity among the teens. Rodents are animals that live in herds and require very little care in comparison to other animals. The cost of raising a rodent is half that of raising a cat or a dog.

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