Bearded Dragon: What To Know Before Adopting One

Bearded dragon

Bearded Dragon is probably the only reptile that you take home and expect it to be your perfect pet best friend. This beautiful species is legal for adoption, and you can take them home the moment you make up your mind. However, it is advisable to adopt a baby as they are easier to tame and train at younger ages. Bearded Dragons require all the love, care, and attention that human kids do. So, you need to be sure if you even want one. And if you are, continue reading as we have listed all the information and tips you will need to adopt a little dragon.

What kind of shelter do Baby Bearded Dragons prefer?

Did you know that Baby Dragons are happy and active, unlike most angry-looking lazy reptiles? Well, if you didn’t, now you do. So, what would be the best enclosure for your little happy-go-lucky friend? Ideally, twenty-gallon tanks are good enough for babies. They can eat, play, and sleep well in that size.

But as it will grow into an adult, it will require a forty-gallon tank because the twenty-gallon will be too small for it. So, we advise you to go for the bigger tank directly. This way, your Baby Dragon won’t have to change its home again. Usually, they get comfortable with the place you put them in, initially. Why make a little one uncomfortable?

Also, don’t try to put two or more dragons in the same tank. They don’t get along too well. The trouble is double if you put a male and a female bearded dragon together, they will engage themselves in reproduction.

What substrate would my Baby Bearded Dragon like?

The most common types of substrates available in the market are sand. Pet shops sell those colorful powder too. However, none of these is a good option for your dragon. The problem with sand is that if your pet ingests it in larger quantities, which is a widespread phenomenon, it can cause a severe health problem. So, what should you do?

The best option is to use a newspaper, cloth sheet, or towel for babies. They can be changed easily. And you must change them regularly to make sure your bearded dragon is clean and in good health.

As they grow up, you can shift from disposable newspapers and pieces of cloth to slate tiles. These materials are easily cleanable. Always remember that you shouldn’t use chemicals to clean. Bearded Dragons don’t react well to it.

What is the best furniture for my Baby Bearded Dragon?

Deciding furniture for your baby bearded dragon can be tough. However, we have done enough research and found out how your new pet likes to be. So you can pick the furniture based on the following:

  • Hiding: Bearded Dragons love hiding. It is their favorite play activity. So make sure there are logs that make for the best hiding places.
  • Being Warm: Look for rocks as they get warm using the light. Your new best friend likes being warm.
  • Laying upright: Get the furniture that allows a grip for the drag to put upright.
  • Plants: Reptiles were born to be in the lap of nature. Adding a plant to your bearded dragon’s shelter will make it feel at home. Make sure that the plants are either real or chemical-free if artificial. Dragons tend to eat the plants too.

What should I feed my Baby Bearded Dragon?

Leafy greens are your baby bearded dragon’s favorite bite. Make sure to serve it fresh and clean leafy vegetables daily. Feeding lettuce is not the best option because it doesn’t have a lot of nutritious values. You can also add fruits like mango, papaya, berries, and grapes in small quantities. Whatever you choose to feed your baby pet, make sure it is in small pieces as big chunks are not easy to eat and digest.

Your bearded baby dragons also like to munch on innocent insects. Silkworms, crickets, roaches, super worms, hornworms, and phoenix worms are some of your baby’s favorites. However, they are not the best things to eat. They can harm the dragon’s kidneys. So, save the insects for treats. Whenever you are feeding them, make sure you serve vegetables before the insects.

What would be the best lighting technology for my Baby Bearded Dragon?

Your bearded dragon is going to love lights. Lights are crucial to their existence. So, we suggest you get a UVB light and a heat light. The UVB light looks like the sun to your new pet and helps it produce calcium and vitamin D3. The heat light keeps your bearded dragon warm.

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