How Much does a Black Pitbull Cost?


The question of cost regarding the black Pitbull comes from the fact that people think they are difficult to find. That is because breeders would like them to think so. But in truth, they are not so rare. Below, we’ll describe the characteristics of the black Pitbull, and why he has such a bad reputation.

Beliefs about the Black Pitbull

The reasons why people like Pitbulls are much deeper than the color of their coats. However, it is true that many choose the black Pitbull because of the unique beauty their color provides them. But first, you have to understand Pitbulls, before thinking of acquiring one. There are so many false assumptions about these dogs that they have found themselves categorized as a bad breed, but it is not.

Then, there is also the popular belief that it is rare to cross path with a black Pitbull. However, this is not true. Black Pitbulls are being raised by many breeders, and they can be found easily for anyone who is really looking hard enough. In fact, specialists in the field say that this is one of the most requested dogs in the world today, which means that many breeders have specialized in black Pitbulls; where there is demand, offer usually grows quickly.

Pitbull Price

Since the offer has grown so much, the price of a black Pitbull has gone down. Today, you can acquire a black Pitbull from a breeder at a relatively low price. But if you are not knowledgeable in dogs (especially the Pitbull breed), be careful that they don’t try to sell you a blue nose Pitbull, which is similar looking to the black Pitbull.

If you are on a budget, you can find a breeder that will sell you a black Pitbull between $100 and $500. But if you are looking for a higher level of breeding, for your new pet, then you’ll have to spend anywhere from $500 to $2,000. At that price, your new furry friend will have a nice pedigree to show for the money you spent.

But there is another way to get your black Pitbull, and that is to adopt one from an animal shelter near you. As paradoxical as it may sound, black Pitbulls are in high demand with breeders, but shelters have a hard time finding a house for them. That’s because the general population believes they are an aggressive dog breed. The second reason is that black dogs are actually not that popular. So, do a good deed and get to your shelter first. That way, you will save money you can use to care for your new puppy.

Over 700.000 dogs are lost each year in the U.S. alone and not only is acquiring and owning a Pitbull adding a loveable new addition to your family, but it is also a valuable investment in your safety, security, and well-being, and should be protected as such. It is highly advisable to chip and therefore be able to trace your lost dog with, opening yourself to a network of hundreds of local online resources with a huge audience built to help maximize the chances of reuniting you quickly with your lost pet.

If your dog is chipped, ensure your contact information on the microchip is up to date and be sure to state as much in any fliers or posters that you might distribute in your neighborhood. What’s more, by electing to use Pet Alert Boost, the search will be localized to a six-mile radius from where your dog went missing, and this information boosted via Facebook, giving priority, and showing your dog’s tracked location several times during the first hours that they are missing.

Boost by Pet Alert massively increases the chances of finding your lost Pitbull fast by displaying a photo of your dog along with relevant information in the news feed of members or your neighborhood, whether they are subscribers to the Pet Alert page or not.

Why do Pitbulls have a Bad Reputation?

The Pitbulls’ bad reputation comes from their past. For a long time, men have raised them to take part in dog fights. They were also used for bear and bull-baiting. They were genetically prone to violence, looking to draw blood. Many people still imagine them as such, today. Of course, if you raise your black Pitbull to become a guard dog, he will have aggressive tendencies. But otherwise, he’ll be just like any normal dog; a good pet to keep at home.

The real issue is that Pitbull attacks are being given a lot of attention compared to other breeds. Whenever there is one, on an animal or a man, we hear about it in the papers. Some people would even like to see the breed disappear. But other breeds of dogs can also attack other living things, if they are raised to be violent. It is not a particular trait of the Pitbull to be aggressive.

Dogs become what you train them to be. Just like children, if you fill them with love, a safe environment and you provide for their needs, they will also love you back. If you don’t spend time with them and you let them do whatever they want, they’ll grow to be similar to their wild state. And if you don’t provide for them, they’ll eventually have to hunt. Before blaming a breed of dog, it’s often better to look at the owner, no matter which breed it is from.

Health Concerns

As all dog breeds, there are particular health concerns with the black Pitbull you should know about, so that you can remain aware if they start suffering from the diseases. Hip and elbow dysplasia, arthritis and cardiovascular disease are the most frequent. They also tend to suffer from allergies, so if they sneeze, you may want to see the vet. In fact, a regular visit to his doctor will help reduce the risks, as you can catch the disease early and treat it, in time for the dog to get back to full health.

Don’t let anyone convince you that the black Pitbulls are not good family dogs. They will be a great addition inside the household, if you take the time to raise them and you provide for their basic needs.

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