Chiweenies, what are these?


If you are looking for the perfect little dog as a companion in your house, don’t look further: Chiweenies are the best friends for you. Breeded in the 90s, they are a cross breed from Chihuahua and Dashshund breeds. Also know under the nicknames of German Taco or Mexican Hotdog, or else Weiner, they have been adopted by many as part of their life because of their extreme cuteness.

Physical appearance: What do they look like?

Chiweenies are a mixed race, which means that you would basically expect them to get features from both Chihuahuas and Dashshunds. They have the long body of the Dashshund, but their legs are more of the Chihuahua’s kind: quite short. Same goes for their head and ears, although their size may vary given the dominant gene. Full grown Chiweenies can get around 24 pounds.

They usually have a silky coat with little hence, that is why they are probably the best choice for people who are allergic to pet’s fur. Still, some of them may have long hair, depending on their parents’ genes. You can find them in different colors, from black to brown through tan colors, but also white, blond, red, or else multicolored.

Behavioral properties: What kind of friend are they?

Chiweenies have a rather friendly behavior, especially with familiar faces, but they also tend to adapt quickly to new faces. They love being cuddled and taken on the lap. They can be friendly with old children who know how to be nice with dogs, but beware with younger children, as their common disc problem can make them quite susceptible. For this reason, try never to be rough with them. They can also get a little aggressive because they are very protective of their owners. Just like any dog, they need a consistent training to acquire a good level of discipline.

Chiweenies are rather indoor than outdoors animals. They are very affective, so they may probably want to spend the night close to you. On the other hand, they may be quite loud during the day when barking, as just as any other puppies, they will try to get attention from you. To avoid this issues, you just need to play with them or keep them busy with toys.

Clean and wash: How to groom your dog?

Chiweenies minimal size and fur, the latter not shedding very often, make them very easy to groom. In order to keep their hair soft, you may just brush they sometimes like once a week. On the other hand, if you own a long-haired Chiweenie, which usually shed much more often, you may want to clean them daily. Regarding bathing, once a month should be enough, whatever the kind of hair it has.

Note that like Chihuahuas, Chiweenies tend to experience dental deterioration often too soon. To prevent this, remember to brush their teeth regularly. In order to prevent their nails to grow too long,as this usually leads them to split, you may also want to trim them once or twice a month.

If your children want to have fun and dress them for fun, that is quite okay, as they will feel cared for and will love the extra attention.

Health: What common diseases can Chiweenies get?

Chiweenies are quite healthy dogs, they usually don’t face too many health issues in their lifetime. The most common health issue they can experience is to contract pollen or dust allergies, which is quite common by indoor dogs. To prevent this, get used to equip your home with air filters and remember to change them frequently.

As a crossbreed, we can expect Chiweenies to be healthier than his parents, but the chance is never 100 %. Indeed, some Chiweenies can experience health issues inherited from their parents. On the Dashshund side, most common health troubles are seizures, intervertebral degenerative disc disease, diabetes and hypothyroidism. From Chihuahuas, they may niherit dental issues, hydrocephalus, hypoglycemia and luxating patellas.

Be reassured, it does not mean that your Chiweenie will get all of these. Just being aware of the potential risks can you help detect any health issue in time and take care of it at best.

Lifetime: How long do Chiweenies live?

Chiweenies’ life expectancy may vary quite a lot depending on their living environment. It is often observed that a dog living in the wild will die younger than a dog living in a domestic environment, and the same goes for Chiweenies. How well you take care of your pet will determine how long it will live.

Still, Dashshunds and Chihuahuas have a relatively long lifespan, a Chiweenie may take up to 10 to 15 years to get full-grown, always depending on how well you groom it. Take care of it as it was your child and allow it to play around and exercise, and you may get him into the Guinness Book.

Chiweenies are adorable dogs and quite economical to take care of, so don’t wait and get one for yourself!

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