Incredible Things you should know about Animals

Amazing facts about animals, such as the grey parrot

We learn more facts about animals, every year, thanks to scientific researches. Not only is it a good thing, because we can understand their needs better and give them more appropriate treatments if they require some, but it is also quite fascinating and interesting to learn. Then, we can bring it up in a conversation with friends. Here are a few of those facts that will make you look wise, in social contexts.

Lots of Interest around Animals

If there are websites like, where you can learn about unique elements which define the different animals that live among us, or in the wild, it is because there is so much interest surrounding them. Learning about life, other than human, will grow our horizons and make us understand its beauty, differently. Here are some truths about animals, that everyone will be happy to learn and tell their friends.

Gray Parrots talk, because they understand

If you thought parrots only repeated things they heard, to mimic the sounds, you were wrong. Studies have proved that the gray parrot can not only speak words, but it also understands, at least some meaning related to them. It took over 30 years of study, but scientists are convinced today that they can actually discern the meaning behind words like “same” and “different,” as well as “bigger” or “smaller.” More interestingly, they can actually grasp the concept of “zero,” as in “there is none.” Some scientists are actually using the parrot’s speech learning to develop artificial speech for robots.

Elephants have the Largest Brain Mass, but their EQ is Slightly Lower than Chimpanzees

Although there is a correlation between the size of the brain and the capacity to use it, that doesn’t mean “the bigger the better.” Otherwise, the elephant would be the most intelligent mammal, since its average 11-pound brain, is the largest of all of them. But it does come into play, since it was proven that elephant are quite intelligent animals. On the EQ scale, they range at 1.88. To compare: A human is between 7.33 and 7.69, while a chimpanzee is at 2.45. At the other end, a pig is nearing 0.27.

Lots of Fishes can swap Sex Organs

Hermaphroditism is more common than you may think, especially with fish. Some of them can actually change sex, because of natural environment variations or their hormonal cycle. There are even some that possess both the male and female sexes, which makes them more attractive to other fish, augmenting their chances of mating.

Did you know that the female Komodo Dragon can actually give birth by herself, if there are no males around? That story will have to be told another time.

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