How to Raise a Blue Nose Pittbull Puppy

Bluenose pitbull

A baby blue nose pittbull is so beautiful that chances are, if you see one in a pet shop, it will be very difficult for you to resist the temptation of buying it – that is if you like dogs, of course. Their unique, distinctive colour provides them with a special quality that is very attractive. If you add to that their blue eyes and cute little charcoal nose, then you are in for a beating heart that will tell you: I need to take this little one home. Once you have done so, here are a few tips on how to raise a blue nose pittbull.

The Blue Nose Pittbull Training

This breed is very popular among dog lovers. But sometimes, people think that they are difficult to raise. In truth, they are like any other breed. If you put in the time and energy, they’ll grow up to be wonderful pets, especially when raised in a family environment. Because the one thing the blue nose pitbull needs the most, in its early days, is to be placed in social situations with other dogs, but also with humans, so that it can discern rapidly what actions it can take and which others are not allowed.

Raising our kids or our pets should always have the same objective: To make them a functional part of the society they live in. The truth is, however your baby blue nose pittbull grows to become, will be a reflection of how you trained and raised it. That is why it is so important to spend a lot of time with your dog in the first few months of his life, so that you can take it anywhere and he will always be well-behaved.

How to Train a Blue Nose Pitbull through Socializing

When you decide to add a blue nose puppy to your family, you need to make sure that he is exposed to as many other animals and people as possible. Bringing the dog everywhere you go is also a very good idea, as it will enable it to understand how he is to behave in various circumstances. Of course, that implies that you will train it as you go, so that it understands what is allowed and what is not. For the first 16 weeks, your blue nose pittbull should literally become your best friend. Whatever you do and wherever you go, always try to make it an enjoyable moment for your pet, so that it grows to be a happy dog which will reflect on its relationships with other animals as well as all men and women around him, including kids.

Building Trust with your Blue Pittbull

As in human relationships, the trust you will build between your pittbull and you will be the basis of success or failure in the training of the baby blue nose pittbull. This needs to start the second you acquire the dog. The minute it gets home, it will need to feel like it is a part of the family, so you have to provide it with all the love and care that you can. Whenever your puppy does something good, don’t hesitate to provide it with many praises so that it feels inserted in its new environment.

This said, you or someone else in the family will need to play the role of the alpha-dog. If your blue nose pet does not recognize an authority figure, it will take the empty space as his and the dog will rapidly become unmanageable, as it will believe that it is the leader of the pack. Establish rules and get it to obey them at all time. To do that, encourage it when he does right by giving him a treat, instead of being harsh with it when it disobeys. Positive reinforcement is always stronger than negative feedback.

Blue Nose Puppies are Very Intelligent: Use it to Your Advantage

This breed of dog is one of the most intelligent one. Since they are so smart, it makes them easier to train. Because they are quick thinkers, it makes them avid to please their master, so no matter what the dog does right, make sure to let it know how proud you are by patting and kissing it and giving it treats.

They also have large amount of energy, and they love playing; two things you can also use as advantages in your training. Take them to the park so they can liberate themselves by running around. Play tug of war with it and throw things so that it can pick them up and bring them back to you. All this will make for great bonding, which will strengthen the links between your blue dog pittbull and you.

To recap, if you want your blue nose pittbull to become a good dog, that you can take anywhere and have around anyone, show it lots of love, initiate it to as many things as possible during the first 16 weeks and be the leader of the pack it needs you to be.

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