Animals cafés: a trend who benefits humans and animals

A cat bar

For many years, plenty of animal cafés have opened in every country in the world. The idea of this concept is to give a shelter for animals that don’t have one and a place for customers to take their time to pet them.

An idea that came from Tokyo

Animals cafés in Japan are common, and you can find one of them at every corner of Tokyo’s streets. In fact, Tokyo has become the capital of animal cafés. In this city, you can take a break with dogs, cats, owls, hedgehog or even snakes. In despite the cute aspect, the animal cafés allow every person to touch, to pet or see plenty of differents animals. In addition to this, in some of the animals cafés, many animals are set for adoption and with time and love, you will probably be allowed to adopt.

With this concept, you have all the positives points without the bad ones: you can pet every animal you want and you don’t have to get out to make your animal walking or cleaning their messes. To conclude, in Japan, you can encounter many animals everywhere but specifically in animals cafés. Moreover, it has been proven that animals have a good impact on humans.

A concept that have benefits

The relationship beetween animals and humans is very important and many studies has proven that animals can have positives effects on people. For example, cat’s purr has effect on stress, on arterial tension and can boost immune defenses, according to 1950s studies. They can bring a positive energy to people. The cat’s purr can be used like a cure for wellness in some cases. The main effect that animals have on people is to reduce stress. Zootherapy has permitted to help many people around the world. Healing people through animals, that’s the first point of zootherapy.

Furthermore, this concept has benefits for animals too: in a case of a young dog or cat that don’t know humans, this concept will help the animal to be gentle and kind, in order to get adopted someday. This concept helps the animal in the fact that it allows animals to know an another place than shelters. Moreover, they can be loved and pet.

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