What are the breeds of dogs with brindle coats?


You have most probably seen before tiger stripe dog breeds. Their coat is made of a colour pattern that reminds us of the tiger stripes. It usually has a brown base with multiple colours overlaid on top. Brindle dog breeds are very popular, and thankfully, there are many to pick from. Below, you will find a selection of dogs that will help you if you are looking for brindle breeds.

Treeing Tennessee

This brindle dog breed is usually made of friendly, alert and intelligent dogs. They weigh around 23kg and average a height of 60cm. They come from the USA and can be found mostly in the Appalachian and Ozark (yes, like the TV series) mountains. This brindle coat dog is a great companion to keep around. They are also perfect for hunters and police officers as they have a great scenting power. They are also alert, agile and fast.

Boston Terrier

This brindle dog breed is usually made of friendly, bright and amusing dogs. They always look like they are going to a gala evening, with their tuxedo-like coat. The Boston terrier brindle coat dog usually weighs no more than 12kg and is compact. It has a short tail and pointed ears, with round eyes that show curiosity and kindness. They are alert to their environment and move in rhythmic steps. It is a dog born to be a comedian and will bring lots of smiles in the family. They are a loyal companion but can become quite menacing to strangers, if they feel in danger.


This brindle dog breed is usually made of bright, fun-loving and active dogs. When you see a Boxer, the first thing you will notice is their tight muscles. The male can reach a height up to 60cm. Their face looks a bit strange, thanks to their wrinkled forehead. Although it can be a brindle breed, its markings are sometimes quite light. They are the perfect dog for a family when you consider their energy level and their placid temperament; perfect for kids. Watching a Boxer run is like looking at an athlete with its smooth and graceful thrust.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

This brindle dog breed is usually made of affectionate, loyal and smart dogs. Weighing between 12 and 16kg, their appearance can be deceptive as they can run with speed and grace. They come in several brindle coat colors that go from red to the popular blue-merle pattern. One fun thing to know about them is that they come from a lineage which is one of the oldest in the world. They can easily be trained to become guard dogs, with an imposing bark. However, they also love kids and can be a good choice for a family dog.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

This brindle dog breed is usually made of clever, brave and tenacious dogs. It is not a particularly tall breed, standing at an average of 40 cm, still it can get quite heavy (up to 17kg). Although they still look like the fighters they were bred to be, back when they made them fight each other in England, they have been raised in modern days to be sweet-natured. It would be difficult to find a more loyal dog, but it is important to train them well at an early stage, and have them socialize as much as possible, so they get used to having people and other animals around. The striped look on short hair that they feature is really beautiful and it requires little to no grooming to keep it looking great.

Great Dane

This brindle dog breed is usually made of friendly, patient and dependable dogs. If you are searching for a big dog, meet your match. They can weigh up to 90kg. To have a Great Dane looking at you, standing tall at close to 1m high, can be intimidating. If you live in an apartment, this is not the kind of brindle coat dog you need. Keep in mind that they also drool a lot (this is no exaggeration), so they might ruin your carpets, sofas, etc. However, they are one of the most gentle dog breed, contrary to what some people believe. They have just been used, one too many times, in horror movies…


This brindle dog breed is usually made of affectionate, loyal and brave dogs. Here’s another big one! Weighing between 45 and 60kg and standing tall (more than 60cm), they need to be trained early so they can socialize with others easily. Their colours are quite interesting as they come in fawn, red or brindle. If you are looking to protect your family, this might be the best dog on the list. They will be friendly and gentle with the family, but beware anyone trying to trespass on the lawn of the house.


This brindle dog breed is usually made of gentle, independent and noble dogs. People usually recognize them as the race dogs’ people bet on. But in truth, they love to snuggle and snooze.

Take your pick!

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